Perfect Passover Program

Join us for a wonderful and intimate Pesach experience - from the balloon twisting clown that greets you in the lobby when you arrive, till Yom Tov's end, our program offers a wide selection of choice entertainment for your pleasure, with non-stop activities planned to suit all tastes and ages. Enjoy the stimulation of our thought provoking shiurim, outstanding series of speeches, and interesting lectures of Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, Professor Naomi Klapper, and Rabbi Dr. Chesky Gewirtz... The N"ach shiur by Sara Tanen..a gala chol hamoed concert featuring THE MACCABEATS, the melodious sounds of the NEW JERSEY TENORS... Rejoice at our exquisite traditional Sedorim, exquisitely prepared and impeccably served... Feel inspired at our stirring Pesach davening services led by Cantor Nachman Shneider... Create your own (or shared!) masterpiece at paint night ...Make your move with pilates, aerobics, zumba, cardio circuit training or fitness and exercise classes ... . Continue with your daily learning and Daf Yomi ...

Action packed, chock-full-of-excitement-lineup of non-stop Chol Hamoed excitement starring:HYPNOLORENZO - a comedy hypnotist guaranteed to keep everyone laughing, RUSSELL TARGOVE - singer extraordinaire with a wide repertoire of hits from the 50's 60's and thru to modern day music, BOOK TALK with author Michael Weinstein '10 TIMES CHAI' all about the orthodox synagogues of New York City, and gala WINE TASTING event. The MACCABEATS singing sensation in concert and a mouth-watering BARBECUE... The JERSEY TENORS show and PIZZA and ICE CREAM PARTY...Meet the world's first and only 'KOSHER' Olympian, A.J.Edelman... AJ EDELMAN is a 4 time Israeli national champion and 2018 Olympian in the head-first, dangerous, daredevil sport of skeleton.  He is the first Orthodox Jew to compete in the Winter Olympics, the first Orthodox male to do so in any Olympic Games. After a career as a hockey goaltender, including a stint at MIT where he was the first sabbath observant player in the program's history, Edelman switched sports to bobsled and skeleton. After being told that he would "never be competitive" in skeleton, Edelman dedicated himself to qualifying Israel for the first time in an Olympic sliding sport.  He is currently head coach and head of development for Bobsled/Skeleton Israel. Meet and greet A.J., with a ecture, Q and A session, Teen Activity, and photograph & autograph session..

Delight the family with game shows, hay rides, and food demonstrations and workshops... Capture the spirit of Yom Tov with the joyous sounds of Mark Infield's music, the melodious singing of zemiros, and the exhilarating voice of our Chazzan with his diverse repertoires of cantorial, popular and congregational song. (meet our staff) Featuring a star studded cast of nightly entertainment and daytime matinees with comedians and humorists for your amusement, noted lecturers, magician, and terrific day trips to great nearby attractions, our incomparable program will provide you with Yom Tov memories to cherish forever.

Savor each flavorful moment at Mendy Vims Holidays for Passover 2021, a mouth-watering Passover celebration of gourmet Glatt Kosher Cuisine

Gourmet Glatt Kosher Cuisine

Sit back and savor each flavorful moment. Traditional, fantastical, or unusual, from the first moments of your arrival at Erev Pesach Eve's lavish hot and cold buffet through the farewell continental breakfast on Isru Chag's morn, you'll be treated to a superb bouquet of lavish dishes and foods, beautifully prepared and impeccably served.

The ambiance is elegant, with impeccable table linens and china, crystal stemware, flawless service and gracious hospitality. From our exquisite Seders, our traditional matzo ball soup, to our unusual pastry creations, our Chefs delight in creating haute cuisine, with a mouth-watering blend of new exotic and traditional favorites, made with the freshest local and regional ingredients.

Impeccable Service. Our service is legendary; our cuisine, exquisite. From beautifully led traditional Seders replete with matzo and wine, to our Yom Tov Morning Kiddushim (a not-to-be-missed-event), throughout one amazing holiday meal after another, you’ll be treated to a festival of incomparable culinary experience. Our Pastry Chef delights in creating an abundant assortment of tasty cakes and stunning pastries that look as good as they taste. Our Tea Room Hospitality Suite is stocked with coffee, cakes and fruit to satisfy every in-between-meals need, and we offer boxed lunches for your Chol Hamoed excursions.

What to do on Chol Hamoed?

Some of our previous trips and nearby attractions...

From Sea to Shining Sea
Board the submarine USS (SSN-571) Nautiluswith us
The World's first operational nuclear-powered submarine & naval sub museum.
See the Seals
Head out to sea with us for an unforgettable marine science experience!
Watch the seals hang out and play, Project Oceanology cruise.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lived Here
FDR's "Summer White House"
The Hyde Park estate he loved & the place he considered home.
Wild, Wet and Wonderful
Sparking children's curiosity and imagination
hands-on interactive Stepping Stones Children's Museum.

Jiggle a Jellyfish
10,000 gallon shark tank, harbor seals, sea turtles, river otters & more
Touch the sharks and jiggle the jellies at the Maritime Aquarium.

Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum
Early surviving Second Empire Style mansion
Highlighting the lives & styles of the Victorian Era.

More Chol Hamoed Fun

See the Seals
Board one of Project O's (Oceanology) large research vessels and head out to sea for an unforgettable marine science experience! Studying and nurturing interest in the marine life of the Long Island Sound, Project Oceanology is a year-round, marine science educational organization. (UCONN)

Catch fish and plankton, participate in a seal or sea gull population study, pull up a mud grab, or use oceanographic equipment to measure water quality. There are several different stops to view the seals hanging out on Fisher Island, resting & getting some sun, swimming, playing and pushing each other off rocks!

From Sea to Shining Sea
The USS Nautilus and Submarine Force Museum sits just yards from the main gate of the New London Naval Submarine base in Groton, where visitors can board the Nautilus, the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine.

Experience firsthand what it was like to be a member of the crew. Think: very tight quarters. Tour the torpedo room, the navigation and mess area, and walk down the very first staircase ever installed in a submarine, (Hint: It's STEEP!) you’re surrounded by equipment and artifacts that tell the story of this historic ship.

The museum's Main Hall serves as a timeline of submarine history. From the world's first combat submarine to modern classes of subs, examples of weaponry and technology are on display. Super friendly staff (many of whom have served submarine service) happily answer questions from curious kids or even more curious adults!

Nearby and Notable

Stepping Stones Museum for Children
A wet, wild and wonderful way for children to learn about the science of energy in an immersive 'working lab' - explore the Wind Lab, Solar Lab, Water Lab, & Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Uranium Labs, inspiring children’s natural curiosity to imagine and invent. (Lab coats provided to help keep you dry!)

Exhibits include colorful LED displays, a mesmerizing 27foot ColorCoaster - a non-stop giant mechanical toy that uses energy, motion, gravity, color and light as it spins, whirs, and fascinates, Build It! where kids explore hands-on architectural design and construction, Tot Town, and Express Yourself! through art, music, and cooperative games for social-emotional learning, a great learning and discovery experience for children age 10 and under.

Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum
One of the earliest and finest surviving Second Empire Style country houses ever built in the U.S., this 62-room mansion was built by banker-railroad tycoon LeGrand Lockwood, who in 1864 began construction of his estate on the Norwalk River. Designed by European-trained architect Detlef Lienau, it was completed in 1868 at a cost of over $2 million in 1868 currency and is considered his most significant surviving work. Today, the Museum is being lovingly restored back to its original grandeur by a non-profit organization and is a cultural gem which highlights lives & styles of the Victorian Era.

FDR Lived Here
Visit Springwood in Hyde Park, NY, the estate that FDR loved & the place he considered home. The first US Presidential Library was started by FDR here, and it was the "Summer White House" where the President hosted prominent national and international figures, including kings and heads of government. Features an historic, federal-style mansion housing FDR's various collections and includes outbuildings & stables. Donated by FDR to the American people, today this fascinating home & museum is a National Historic Site.

Jiggle a Jellyfish
Touch the Sharks at the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk, where guests can (gently) stroke the backs of several species of sharks and a variety of rays!

Sure to delight all ages, you can see sea turtles and river otters, view the 110,000-gallon habitat of several types of sharks, enjoy feeding time of the playful Harbor seals, and touch the tops of live moon jellies without being stung! New exhibits include a baby sea turtle nursery, and Just add Water- a live animal exhibit exploring habitats from arid desert to rain forest. Includes six-story screen IMAX theater and IMAX film experiences.