Chol Hamoed trip to Six Flags Great Adventures on NCSY Six Flags Day

Passover KID Zone

For the most important people in the world...

Kids want to have a great time when they're on vacation, and as parents or grandparents, we all know that when our kids are happy, then we can relax and be happy too!

At Mendy Vim's Holidays, we set the bar in outstanding Passover Children's programs, with tons of activities for kids of all ages. The fun never stops from morning to night at our fabulous Day Camp, Teen Camp, game room, basketball clinic, supervised play at the hotel's facilities, and terrific trips.

Check out the action for kids of all ages: whether it's sports, extreme sports, games, a traveling petting zoo, daily on-site entertainment, karate sessions, fitness classes, crafts, exciting trips or more, our Passover KIDS Club has the most amazing activities on earth..

Who wouldn't be excited? With organized social events, puppet shows, laser tag, children's drama production, face painting, balloon twisting, magicians, carnival, hay rides, gametime, hunts, clowns and entertainers, and exciting trips, too... Get in on the excitement, our Day Camp runs on every Yom Tov day and every day of Chol Hamoed, with sensational programs specificaly geared to each age level.

Kid-Delicious food with a yummy children's menu


Kids don't always appreciate the duck a'la orange or rib steak on the bone that we adults do. So yes, we're kid friendly.

So yes, we're kid friendly. Our younger guests can take advantage of our Children's Dining Room, where we serve deliciously prepared children's meals and a kid yummy menu of all the things they like to eat: pizza, hot dogs, french fries, ice cream sundaes and the like, with staggered dining times from the adults. The food is so good here, we've even seen some adults 'being kids'.

It's your choice: separate dining in the Children's Dining Room (earlier dinner, for the kid that just can't wait ) or your children joining the rest of the family in our grand ballroom dining room. And on trip days, we offer savory boxed lunches your kids will love to munch.

Meet our amazing Day Camp Directors, Morah Ruthie Berkowitz and Nadine Hordish.

The little Kinderlach

Our Day Camp is superbly run by our licensed Day Camp director and abundantly staffed by licensed teachers and supervisors, who have been with us for a number of years. We offer Day Camp for children age 3-12, with a Kinder Care program for ages months-3, baby care, and babysitting.

Meet our Day Camp Director- Ruthie Berkowitz, fondly known as 'Morah Ruthie' by her many admirers and former students, brings her lively enthusiasm and total professionalism to everything she does. Delighted to be joining us for her fourth year as Director of the Mendy Vim Heritage Day Camp, Morah Ruthie is a beloved teacher in the early childhood department of Moriah School in Englewood, N.J. for over 18 years.The children light up her life, whether at school or at Mendy Vim's Passover program.

See the Yankee play the Tampa Bay Rays on our chol hamoed trip to Yankee Stadium
Vim's Holidays at the second home game of the season, at Yankee Stadium

Hit Hard, Run Fast, Turn Left

We interrupt this family for baseball season. For kids, and adults who used to be (or would like to be!) kids.

Play Ball! Who can ever forget the thrill of the season's first couple of home games, the big stadium, huge screens, kids cheering, fans screaming in frenzy, and the palpable excitement in the air.

Join us for an amzing experience on our Chol Hamoed trip to Yankee Stadium, and watch the Yankees at their second home game of the season- vs the Tampa Bay Rays.

The joy of baseball, just another day in paradise.

Down on the Petting Zoo... in our own backyard

Is your Mama a Llama?

Down on the farm: An amazing children's petting zoo visits us on Chol Hamoed, pulling up in a sparkling white 18 wheel tractor trailer, ingeniously designed with an entrance in the back and a walk through to the front. Our children (and their mothers, bubbies, and dads) walk straight through and pet and touch the animals in their stalls.

These have got to be the cleanest animals you ever have seen. When this reader asked the 'zoo keeper' how he did it, I was informed that all the animals had just had their daily bath, and the trailer itself gets hand waxed and shined regularly with airplane wax...

Seriously! But the children do have a great time, and some wholesome CLEAN fun.

duct tape craft activity at the Heritage, Vim's Holidays Passover day camp
Did you make that out of... duct tape?

Duct Tape Fun

Yes, you guessed, her outfit is made out of DUCT TAPE. For the last few years the 'duct tape lady' has been visiting us on Passover, with fun workshops on how to make anything and everything out of DUCT TAPE. (And you thought it was just for electrical work!)

Lots of fun at this exciting craft activity as girls, boys, and adults make wallets and hats, and explore their creativity with colorful rolls of duct tape.

all about horses: horseback riding and mucking out the stables, Vim's Passover Day Camp
Horseback riding and helping at the stables

Just Horsing Around

There's more to HORSES than just riding, you have to feed, groom and muck out its living spaces as well. Get your brushes out, make sure he is happy and healthy, horses require a lot of care and attention, and our kids certainly give them that!

Cleaning up after yourself is a chore. For a horse? It's a pleasure. From instruction and practice in pony care to horsback riding and hay rides, our kids have a great time at the nearby stables.

Chol Hamoed trip to Six Flags Great Adventures on NCSY Six Flags Day